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SIUF2015, JumeForm will see you in May

Data: 2015-04-14

SIUF: Charming decade, blooming light.
          ---JumeForm, see you in May

A decade of encourage has bring with a magnificent matamorphsis and saw the dream process of SIUF(Szhenzhen International Underwear Fair) jumps from small to a big one. After a decade’s encourage, SIUF now has been a powerful promoter of underwear culture as well as the witness of decennial development history in Underwear industry.

SIUF is not only a fair about China , but also the world. Developing to such extent, SIUF is becoming more international and has acheive many fruitful results. For example, we have two major Awards Ceremony rewards to the industry( Gold Stomachers, PRAADO), worldwide SIUF international supermodel draft and also two major design competition of designers( Oriental Charm, Xusany Leisure wear). Though those Fair, SIUF has contribute to many  big shows which has revealing the trend of underwear industry and Interpreting the Industry Forum. SIUF has initiated and established some activities such as XINYIGONGYI fundation to care the health of women. Those activities has enriched the exhibitions, at the mean time, promote the development of the underwear industry and also attracted the eyes of the world. For those prople in underwear industry, the dreams of underwear is the dreams of China.

SIUF2015 will be held in Shenzhen convention & Exhibition center from May 7th--9th. The area of SIUF2015 is 58000 square meters, includes Hall 1( underwear brand, university, media,Design context, International designers only)、Hall 5 (Dynamic information publication)、Hall6( Brand underwear)、Hall9(Auxiliary Machinery and Equipment) these 4 halls in total. There are nearly 500 exhibitors in SIUF2015, those major brands of underwear industry will gathering here and play a wonderful myth of small lingerie big market. JumeForm will enjoy the next wonder.

Finding sth special for everyone to love, your love, our dreams. JumeForm will see u in May.

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