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Junmei is the leader who leading the customized mannequin mannufacturer in China. We have 16 years  experience, devoted to provide the most realistic, accurate fit mannequins for fashion apparel industries. Jume dress forms are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and are used as the standard tool within apparel brands and retailers to streamline communication between design studios, sample rooms and factories.

Based on thousands of body scans from various populations globally,  our  regionally  based  standard  JumeForm  series accurately and realistically represent a vast range of target demographics.  Each  standard  form  series  have  been developed  in relation to each other as a size range so you can choose  the  form  that  is closest  to your  requirements. Also, our customized solution offers the most comprehensive full service  JumeForm development, which  is  tailored  to fit your  specific  needs.

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